Monday  - Saturday           9.00am to      12.30pm     &   2.00pm to 4.30pm


 Sundays                               9.00 am   to  12.30 pm

Bank holidays                      9.00am    to   12.30pm



 We are closed for admissions and collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.                                                                                                                 In exceptional circumstances admissions and collections can be arranged outside these times.




  • Payment of boarding fees will be made on collection of your cat/s by Debit/Credit Card or Cash

  • A full day’s board is charged for the days of arrival and departure to allow for the essential disinfecting and preparation of the chalet.

  • Bookings cancelled with less than 21 days’ notice a cancellation fee of £50 will be charged. With 7 days’ notice, or less, or non- arrival, the full boarding fee will be charged.

  • In the event of the owner returning before the end of the booked period, the full period will still be charged.

  • Rates include VAT, heating, bedding and food.

  • The cattery is open all year but is closed for admissions and collections in line with our published opening hours. However, admissions and collections can be arranged outside these times

  • At Christmas, New Year and Easter the minimum fee is equivalent to 5 days boarding otherwise 4 days boarding.

  • Only cats from the same household may share a chalet.

  • Male cats over the age of 7 months which have not been neutered will not be accepted for boarding.

  •  Rates do not include veterinary treatment, medication, veterinary diets or foods other than standard.

  • Whilst cats boarding at Butterbusk Cattery receive every care and attention, they are boarded entirely at the risk of the owner.

  • Owners making long term bookings will be asked to pay one month’s boarding in advance and thereafter settle their account monthly.

  • The boarding fees include tinned, pouches and dried food which are readily available in supermarkets.. 



  • Only Cats that have a current vaccination certificate against feline enteritis and upper respiratory infection (cat flu) can be accepted for boarding. Owners must produce an up-to-date certificate on arrival or we cannot accept the cats.  We would also recommend vaccination against feline leukaemia.

  • If your cat’s annual booster has expired and you are advised to have a new course of injections, please be aware that we cannot accept your cat for boarding until 7 days after the second and final injection.

  • No cat suffering from or suspected to be suffering from any infections or contagious disease will be accepted.  All cats will be examined on arrival.  We reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill health pending advice from a vet.

  • It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure they bring their cats in to the cattery in a suitable secure carrier which must be left at the cattery for the duration of the cat’s stay.

  • We request that cat collars are removed prior to arrival.  Any cat wearing a collar will have it removed for the duration of its stay, for safety reasons.



  • Veterinary attendance is assured.  Should any cat show signs of ill health during its stay we will seek veterinary treatment where necessary.  The treatment is chargeable to the owner and will be added to their final bill.

  • We will not accept liability for any illness occurring due to an undisclosed condition.

  • In the unlikely event that a cat is not eating the food the owner has specified we reserve the right to try alternatives in order to make sure that the cat is eating properly.

  • We are happy to administer medication, including tablets, ointment, eye drops etc.  where they have been prescribed by your own vet.

  • Cats should be treated for fleas and worms prior to boarding using  a quality veterinary recommended product.  Any cat found to be suffering with either will be treated and a charge will be added to the bill.